Fill Your Bucket with APLD!

The Aurora Public Library District is bringing the Virginia Repertory Theatre to the students of South Dearborn and St. John Lutheran School! Virginia Rep is a nonprofit theatre company from Richmond, Virginia that specializes in creating exciting theatrical productions for young audiences. Since 1975 they have been bringing plays and musicals to hundreds of schools and other venues throughout the nation!

The Aurora Public Library District is providing transportation to the Aurora Park Pavilion for the second and third graders from Dillsboro, Manchester, and Aurora Elementaries and from St. John Lutheran School to see Virginia Rep’s performance of Have You Filled Your Bucket Today: The Musical! The musical is based on the concepts in Carol McCloud’s award-winning children’s books, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?, Growing Up with a Bucket Full of Happiness and Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead’s book, The Bucket Filling Fairy. Have you Filled a Bucket Today: The Musical! relays the joys of friendship and compassion. The show is designed to promote healthy relationships and self-esteem and bring character education front and center stage.

The concept of “bucket filling” was created in the 90s by Carol McCloud. McCloud’s Bucket “Fillosophy” is to help all ages grow in kindness, self-control, resilience, and forgiveness, all leading to a happier life by teaching the three rules that lead to greater happiness: 1. Be a bucket filler. Be kind. 2. Do your best not to dip. Don’t be mean. 3. Use your lid. Protect your bucket and the buckets of others.

If space allows, these free performances will be open to the public. . Please watch the Aurora Public Library District Facebook page for updates on the performances and if there is space available. We hope to see you there!