Tech Tip Tuesday #5


Hello again! This week I want to talk with you about productivity keyboard shortcuts. Taking the time to use your mouse to navigate can be slow and sometimes clunky, I use keyboard shortcuts all the time to help speed up my workflow.

  1. Saving a File – I use this one all the time. If you are working on a document and something happens where you lose power or your program crashes and all your work is gone, it is the worst feeling. It might seem a little obsessive but every few minutes when I’m working I hit the keyboard shortcut for saving my file and hardly miss a beat because I’ve not taken my fingers from the keyboard.
    1. PC you hit Ctr + S
    2. Mac you hit Command + S
  2. Select All – This one is really great if you need to select all the content you are working on, I use this when I need to either copy and paste a large block of content or when I need to delete it all and start over. This is much quicker than using a mouse to click and drag.
    1. PC you hit Ctr + A
    2. Mac you hit Command + A
  3. Cycle Through Windows – This one is so important for quickly getting to different programs on your computer. This way I don’t have to hunt for the window I’m looking for I just cycle through all of them.
    1.  PC you hit Windows + TAB
    2. Mac you hit Command + TAB
  4. Cycle Through Browser Tabs – I’m working on learning this one right now, being able to quickly get to different browsers when you are referencing additional information is such a productivity booster.
    1. PC you hit Ctr + Left/Right Arrow
    2. Mac you hit Ctr + TAB
  5. Reopen Closed Browser Tabs – I accidentally close browser tabs all the time and this shortcut is a quick and easy way to get it reopened. You don’t even have to remember what it was, it just works.
    1. PC you hit Ctr + Shift + T
    2. Mac you hit Command + Shift + T

I hope these help you boost your productivity while working on your computers. The certainly have for me.

Tech Tip Tuesday #4


Hello once more everyone. This week I have something for you I think you’ll find useful.

If you’re a smart phone user, Android or iPhone I suggest taking a look at the following applications. These are apps I’ve used for some time and provide lots of usefulness.

  1. Pandora, (Android & iOS) free internet radio. Make a station based on an artist of a type of music and it will provide similar content for you to listen to.
  2. Wunderlist,  a list management application. There are many list application out there but this is one of the best.
  3. iExit, (Android & iOS) a must have for travelers. Looking for a Starbucks or something else while road-tripping? This will allow you to see what is at the exit ahead of you.
  4. Cash, (Android & iOS) this is hands down the easiest way to digitally send money to your friends.
  5. Duolingo, (Android & iOS) if you feel like learning another language start here. It’s enjoyable and easy to get going.
  6. Dropbox, if you’re not already using Dropbox, you should be. It offers a great solution to put your files in the cloud. Do you have family pictures or important documents you can’t afford to lose? Of course, we all do. If you want to store it yourself buy a Drobo, otherwise sign up for a free Dropbox account.

Good luck app hunting and I hope you find these apps as useful as I did!

Tech Tip Tuesday #3


Hello once again everyone!

Today I’d like to talk to you about something I know all of you are interested in… browsing. More specifically browsing in style.

First of all my two favorite browsers are Chrome and Firefox. Both of them do an excellent job, however just installing them is not enough. There are a couple extensions you should look into getting, and while you’re at it feel free to look for more that suit you.

For Chrome:

  1. Add Block Plus
  2. Google Dictionary

For Firefox:

  1. Add Block Plus
  2. Omnibar

As you can tell I don’t like ads. They drive me crazy, sometimes are responsible for malware, and the web is a much better place without them. Don’t care for Chrome or Firefox? Give Safari or Opera a try. The most modern versions of Internet Explorer 10+ do alright but they leave a lot to be desired.

Tech Tip Tuesday #2


Hello once more fellow tech enthusiasts!

Today I wanted to bring to your attention some good resources I use daily to keep up with new technologies. Giving 10 minutes a day to read the headlines and scan a few articles will go a long way in exposing you to the plethora of things going on in the world.

  1. Ars Technica –
    • Is a good place to find everything from new products, which are often disruptively cheap and easy to acquire. Take for example the Amazon Fire Stick, why don’t you have one?
  2. Futurology Subreddit –
    • Discussion of new & upcoming (not fully developed) technology. This gets you thinking of how new tech will change the world in the years to come.
  3. Think Geek –
    • This is a place where you can express your inner geek / techie. You’ll find some amazing things on here good for hours of fun. One of my personal favorites is the Annoy-a-tron which has come along way from it’s humble beggining as a plain circuit board.