How can you make the transition of going back to school easier for your household?  Start with establishing routines. Kids really do need and like structure and routine. They may fight you on it, but they really do need and want it!


Morning – have your child set an alarm clock.  Keep the alarm set for the same time each morning.  Make sure the wake up time will allow enough time for your child to get ready in the morning.  Once your child is awake, have him/her follow the morning routine each day. For example: get dressed, brush teeth, comb hair, eat breakfast, go out for the bus with the backpack and lunchbox (if your child has packed a lunch for school).

It is helpful to make a sign for your child with the routines listed.



Get out of bed
Get dressed
Brush your teeth
Comb your hair
Eat breakfast
Get lunchbox out of fridge (if packing)
Gather your backpack (put on a coat if the weather is cold).
Watch for the bus

These books can be checked out at the library.







School Doesn’t Have to Be Scary!

Do you have a child who will be going to school for the first time? Beginning either preschool or kindergarten can be a bit overwhelming for some kids. There are new people to meet, a new building to learn and new expectations.  One way to make the transition to school a little smoother is through reading picture books about the experience. Our Library District has lots of great books to reassure your little ones and to let them know what to expect. Stop by and pick up a couple of these books now, so you have lots of time to read and re-read them as the first day of school approaches. Even older brothers or sisters will enjoy these as they remember their experience of starting school. Being prepared means no worries for your child or for you!

bindergarten   countdown

lola   not this bear

ouchy     tom

preschool     wemberly

froggy   the best