Chapter Chat Reads Escape at 10,000 Feet!

Chapter Chat Meets in November


Chapter Chat is back with a little twist.

Each week a kid can pick up each month’s book with interactive elements that go along with the story. As you read, there are items in the book bag that have page numbers on them and when you reach that page then you will open that item.

November’s book is Escape at 10,000 Feet: DB Cooper and the Missing Money by Tom Sullivan. We will be meeting at the Dillsboro Public Library on November 21st at 3:30 pm (after school) and at the Aurora Public Library on November 29th at 3:30 pm.

Escape at 10000 feet book cover

NOVEMBER 24, 1971

2:00 P.M.
A man in his mid-forties, wearing a suit and overcoat, buys a ticket for Northwest Orient Airlines flight 305 bound for Seattle.

3:07 P.M.
The man presents his demands: $200,000 in cash and four parachutes. If the demands are not met, he threatens to detonate the explosive device in his briefcase.

So begins the true story of the man known as D.B. Cooper, and the only unsolved airplane hijacking case in the United States.

Bags can be picked up at Aurora at the lower level desk and at Dillsboro.

Snacks and Drinks will be provided.  Ages 7 to 12 only.