Patron Perks!

Do you want to be rewarded for simply walking into the Library? During the Summer Reading Program, you’ll have five opportunities for just that!

At the beginning of the Summer Reading Program, you will have received a green rubber bracelet with the Aurora Public Library District’s name on it. If you wear this bracelet for the duration of the Summer Reading Program, there’s a great chance you’ll win some prizes on our Patron Perks days:

The table above shows which days are Patron Perks days, what the prize is, and which branches are participating on that particular day. You can also find a copy in the newsletter as well as on the Summer Reading Program calendar, which can be picked up from any branch.

The first fifty people in the doors will be eligible to win the prize for the day, but only if you’re wearing your bracelet; you might as well wear your bracelet all summer! Library doors open at 10 a.m. We can’t wait to see you!