July is National Grilling Month and You’re Already Hungry

You read right: National. Grilling. Month.

It’s only fitting that this month-long celebration falls in the same month as July 4th, a time for fireworks,  s’mores, and grilled meat. While July 4th is already behind us, our grills are still burning and the sun is still shining. It’s summer, and that’s the only excuse you need to grill.

We all know the feeling: a sunny evening, warm breeze, back patio, food on the grill. Food is important to culture in so many ways, but grilled food is a part of the dictionary definition of summer (OKAY- maybe not, but you get my point).

I mean, JUST LOOK AT THAT MEAT BEING GRILLED. It’s screaming summer deliciousness.


Not into meat? No worries, grilled veggies are equally as important in the formula for a perfect summer. Mm-mm-MM!


Even though grilling is such a summer staple, grilling as we know it has barely been around for 60 years. In fact, the first Weber grill was designed and built in 1952. This design included features that we are familiar with now: a base for charcoal,  a grate for food, and a dome shaped lid to contain as well as release heat (science is cool!).

In the 1960s the Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company redesigned the grill to use gas instead of charcoal.  In no time at all this style of grilling was in the backyard of every American suburban home. This style of grilling was far superior to the open-fire style at the time, faster than charcoal, and it changed the way we consume food forever.

Celebrate National Grilling Month by throwing your favorite summer meal on the grill and sharing with friends and family. What do you plan on grilling this month? Start the conversation by commenting below!