Cans for Fines is BACK!

The Aurora Public Library District understands overdue fines can be hard to avoid. Whether it’s the picture book left in the back of the van or the DVD still in the player, life can make it hard to remember all the small things, like returning your items on time. That’s why, this February, the Aurora Public Library District is offering another way to waive those pesky fines. Cans for Fines, a library initiative that makes it a little easier to return to the library fine-free, is in full effect! All YOU need to do is bring nonperishable food items to the Aurora or Dillsboro Public Library to say goodbye to your fines. Each item is worth one dollar of fines! Once February comes to a close, we will donate all collected items to local food pantries to help those in our community in need. 

Items donated during February cannot be applied to fees from lost or damaged library materials or printing jobs, only late fees. Before you bring in your donations, please make sure they are not dented or expired and have labels. As a reminder, our current fine limit to continue checking out items is twenty dollars. Late fees for library materials, other than DVDs, are 10 cents a day until fines reach the price of the item. DVD fines are one dollar per day. If you are unsure of the current fine amount on your account, you can always visit the library to ask or give us a call at 812-926-0646. Once the program ends, you may not use food items in place of payment for fines. 

We want to make it easier for you to return to the library, so bring in your soups, canned veggies, and other nonperishable groceries to make you fine-free today! 

We Care Packages for U.S. Troops

The Aurora and Dillsboro libraries are acting as drop off locations for donations for United States troops through We Care. Just bring your donations to either building November 2nd through the 14th and drop them off in our marked tubs! The donations will be collected, packaged, and shipped off to our troops!

We Care is specifically looking for:


Baby Wipes (packs of 100 or less)

Tooth Paste

Tooth Brushes

Granola Bars

Protein Bars (Nature Valley or Cliff)

Rice Krispy Treats




Hard Candy & Gum (Please no Candy Canes)


Powder or Liquid Drink Mixes to be Used in Water Bottles (Kool-Aid, Country Time, Crystal Light, Mio, etc.)

Foil Packs of Tuna

Tuna or Chicken Salad Kits

Beef Jerky

Slim Jims

Small Cans or Bags of Nuts

Trail Mix/ Granola