The Men of Amish Fiction

Throughout the day, Librarians are asked numerous questions. Some we are able to answer right off the bat, and some take a little more time and research; rarely are we stumped. But stumped I was the other day when a patron asked “Do you have any Amish fiction books that are written by male authors?” Amish fiction has become quite popular as of late, and I am very used to leading people in the direction of popular  Amish fiction authors such as Wanda Brunstetter, Mindy Starns Clark, and  Beverly Lewis. I had to stop and think; do I even know of any male Amish authors?! After a little bit of digging and research, I was able to find eight authors!

  1. Willard Carpenter
  2. Patrick E. Craig
  3. Jerry Eicher
  4. Paul L. Gaus/P.L. Gaus
  5. David G. Lewis (married to and co-writes with his wife, Beverly Lewis)
  6. Thomas Nye
  7. Murray Pura
  8. Amos Wyse

The Aurora Public Library offers quite a few titles from most of these authors as books and as e-books. And of course we are always happy to help you place an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) on any titles that are not available in our system.

Rebecca's Promise            A Quilt for Jenna           Clouds Without Rain

Whispers of a New Dawn          Child of Mine



Christian Fiction

The genre of Christian Fiction includes novels with strong, traditional Christian values, such as faith in God, the Bible, and Jesus. Writers in this genre avoid sex, strong language, and other “taboo” topics within their novels. The novels will usually feature the growth of the protagonist and other characters as well as a happy ending that promotes the values that are important to the Christian community. The Aurora Public Library District has several authors who write Christian Fiction on its shelves, as well as available in digital format from the Indiana Digital Download Center. Here are some popular Christian Fiction authors that you can find at the Aurora Public Library District:


Tim Lahaye wrote apocalyptic Christian Fiction, typically about the End Times and the predictions from the Book of Revelation coming true. He writes fiction and nonfiction, but he is most well-known for his Left Behind series, co-written by Jerry B. Jenkins. Start with Left Behind: A Novel of Earth’s Last Days.


Melody Carlson’s Christian Fiction covers a wide range of topics, from Historical to Contemporary. Her characters typically deal with heavy, real-life issues, but the overall tone of her stories is heartwarming and uplifting. Start with Christmas at Harrington’s.


Karen Kingsbury writes Contemporary Christian Fiction with strong Romantic components. Her characters often experience spiritual growth after facing difficult issues. Readers will find themselves breezing through the pages quickly to reach the resolution. Start with A Time to Dance.

Grunge border and backgroundFrank Peretti is one of the few Christian Fiction writers who writes Christian Suspense and Horror. The tone of his novels are often dark and intense, but without the strong language and sexual content that one comes to expect in the Suspense and Horror genres. However, violence is present and is typically richly detailed. Start with This Present Darkness.


Amish Fiction is an extremely popular sub-genre of the Christian Fiction genre. Novels in this category take place in Amish communities and are filled with Amish characters and backgrounds. This is a great type of fiction if you are looking for books revolving around a simpler way of life. Popular Amish Fiction authors include:

Sarah Price, Jerry S. Eicher, Kathleen Fuller, Beverly Lewis, Suzanne Woods Fisher, Cindy Woodsmall, Shelley Shepard Gray, and Wanda Brunstetter.

These authors will submerge you into the Amish way of life that will make you feel like you’re stepping back in time. It is common for Amish Fiction writers to break their novels up into series, which can get confusing when an author has multiple series shelved under his or her name. A great website resource to find out the different titles and order for a series is the KDL What’s Next Database.


Historical Fiction and Christian Fiction often collide with Romance to create an entirely unique sub-genre called Historical Inspirational Romance. Other elements, such as Mystery, Suspense, and Adventure are also added to this sub-genre. Some great authors to try out of this sub-genre are:

Janette Oke, Lori Wick, Tracie Peterson, Lori Copeland, Deeanne Gist, Judith Miller, and Colleen Coble.

Other notable Christian Fiction writers are Nancy Moser, Amanda Cabot, M.K. Gilroy, Jerry B. Jenkins, and Thomas Kinkade (with Katherine Spencer).

Happy Reading!