Online Catalog

The Library offers two search options to browse our Library catalog for materials to read and view, the Online Catalog and the Classic Catalog. Both options return at the initial request what is in the Library District collection at Aurora, Dillsboro and the Depot using a keyword search strategy. So at the beginning you can get the most possible matches to your search. You can limit your search at this point if you want title, author or subject.

The Online Catalog is a graphical based search option. This requires more bandwidth and faster connectivity speed to get quicker returns. This search also features related tags including formats, series, subjects in a side tool bar to continue to define your search.

The Classic Catalog is a more texted based search option. This returns responses quicker if your connectivity is a slower speed. This search displays 10 titles per page and each title can be selected for more detailed information.

The Online Catalog

Classic Catalog