Let It Snow!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Come into the Aurora Public Library and the Dillsboro Public Library and guess how many snowballs are in the jar at the circulation desk for the chance to win a prize! One guess per day per patron please, but you may guess each day in the month of January! 


Tiny Art Winners!

We already know how awesome our patrons are, but we did not realize how creative and talented you all are as well! As our Tiny Art Show winds down, we wanted to give a huge shout out to our winners and also to all of our Artists who participated.

13-19 winner from Aurora, Nicole
20+ winner from Aurora, Brenda
0-12 winner from Dillsboro, Gabriella
20+ winner from Dillsboro, Jessica


Tiny Art Show!

Do you find yourself doodling or sketching randomly? Do you see the beauty in a brush stroke and love playing with all kinds of media such as paint, colored pencils, or crayons? Then you need to stop into the Aurora Public Library District and pick up one of our Tiny Art Kits!  

The kits include a tiny canvas, brushes, and paint pots. Everything you need to bring out your inner Da Vinci or Picasso! We just ask that you return your finished art and the supplies provided by August 20th. The Tiny Art Show will be broken up into three age categories (0-12, 13-19, and Adult). There will be a prize given to one lucky artist of each age range both at the Aurora Branch and the Dillsboro Branch. Winners will be announced on August 25th!


Free Patriotic Patron Perk!

Let FREEdom ring! Stop in to either the Aurora or Dillsboro Branch this Friday, July 1st, to grab your FREE patriotic Patron Perk! We will have multiple items to choose from that include glow sticks, glow bracelets, glow necklaces, star wands, and light up glowstick star necklaces. Feel FREE to take them with you to all of your Fourth of July celebrations!

Fourth of July Shenanigans - Food with Feeling

February is Library Lover’s Month!

Show your library some love! During the month of February, stop into the Aurora and Dillsboro branches to pick out a heart and tell us what you love about our library for Library Lover’s Month!

We can’t wait to see what you love about your library. If you’d like to show your love elsewhere, please feel welcome to share our posts and comment on our social media pages! We love you too!

Below are some library books about loving the library!


The Men of Amish Fiction

Throughout the day, Librarians are asked numerous questions. Some we are able to answer right off the bat, and some take a little more time and research; rarely are we stumped. But stumped I was the other day when a patron asked “Do you have any Amish fiction books that are written by male authors?” Amish fiction has become quite popular as of late, and I am very used to leading people in the direction of popular  Amish fiction authors such as Wanda Brunstetter, Mindy Starns Clark, and  Beverly Lewis. I had to stop and think; do I even know of any male Amish authors?! After a little bit of digging and research, I was able to find eight authors!

  1. Willard Carpenter
  2. Patrick E. Craig
  3. Jerry Eicher
  4. Paul L. Gaus/P.L. Gaus
  5. David G. Lewis (married to and co-writes with his wife, Beverly Lewis)
  6. Thomas Nye
  7. Murray Pura
  8. Amos Wyse

The Aurora Public Library offers quite a few titles from most of these authors as books and as e-books. And of course we are always happy to help you place an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) on any titles that are not available in our system.

Rebecca's Promise            A Quilt for Jenna           Clouds Without Rain

Whispers of a New Dawn          Child of Mine