Donating Used Books

I know how hard it is to say “Goodbye” to a book that you’ve enjoyed. And yet, there are always times when our personal libraries need to be pared down. When that happens, the Aurora Public Library District is happy to accept donations of your gently used books. As we receive donations, a staff member looks through the items to see if  any items should be added to our collection. Other items are sent to the used book sale at the Dillsboro Public Library, if they are in good condition.

There are some items that we do not accept. We have a limited amount of space and these items can not be sold:

  • Old encyclopedias
  • Textbooks
  • VHS tapes
  • Anything dirty, moldy, or with mildew or bugs.

Just keep in mind that if you wouldn’t want to read it, probably other people feel the same way. Older non-fiction is also not a good thing to donate. We just don’t want our book sale customers to get bad information. The best-selling items in our book sale are children’s books and adult books by popular authors.

We are happy to give you a receipt stating how many bags or boxes of items you donated, but we cannot put a value on the donation.

If you have multiple boxes of items to donate, consider taking them directly to the Dillsboro Public Library, if possible. Otherwise, we have to re-box them to send out to Dillsboro.

Thanks for letting us pass your used books on to other readers! The next $1 per bag sale will be on Friday, November 20th and Saturday, November 21st.