Sizzlin’ Summer Activities

Things are heating up at the library! Unfortunately, due to social distancing guidelines, we will not be having in-person programs this summer, but don’t worry! We still have a summer full of reading and fun activities planned just for you!

Reading Logs

Reading logs will be available at both branches beginning June 1st. Once you have your reading log, write down all the library books you read between June 1st and July 18th. If our patrons collectively read 1,500 books, Ms. Stephanie gets a pie to the face! If our patrons read 2,000 books Ms. Stephanie AND Ms. Peggy get pies to the face. If our patrons read 2,500 books, Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Peggy, AND a yet to be determined participant get pies to the face.

But who will be throwing the pies? It could be you! If you read 50 picture books or 15 chapter books, your name will be entered into a drawing for a chance to be a pie thrower!

You can download and print the reading logs for picture books here, chapter books here, and adult books here.

July 18th is the last day to turn in your reading log. Pies will be thrown on July 24th at 10:30 at Aurora and 1:00 at Dillsboro.

Virtual Activities

Virtual activities are fun challenges for you to complete at home with whatever you have around your house! Check out our website each week for further information! You can pick up the full calendar at either branch.

Beginning June 1st

Dress up as your favorite character from a book!

Beginning June 15th

Build a scene from your favorite story!

Beginning June 29th

Try one of our mason jar experiments!

Beginning July 13th

Go on a scavenger hunt and find an item that reminds you of a story.

Take It, Make It

Take it, make it activities are projects that can be done at home with materials you can pick up at the library! Materials can be picked up at either branch. You can also request curbside pick up. Just call 812-926-0646 (Aurora) or 812-954-4151 (Dillsboro) and let us know how many of the activities you need for your family! Check out our website each week for further information. You can pick up the full calendar of activities at either branch.

Beginning June 8th


Beginning June 22nd

Sidewalk Chalk

Beginning July 6th

Salt Dough

Beginning July 20th

Bubble Cup

Beginning July 27th