Aurora Public Library District 2019 Reading Challenge

The Aurora Public Library District challenges you to 52 individual book challenge to test your love of reading.

  1. A book written by H.G. Wells
  2. A book written by a debut author
  3. A book recommended by a librarian
  4. A book from an author you don’t know
  5. A bestseller from the year you were born
  6. A nonfiction book about a controversial topic
  7. A book with a child narrative
  8. A book you chose based on the cover
  9. A science fiction book
  10. A book from a genre you haven’t read before
  11. A book from a two person narrative during two different times
  12. A books set in the past
  13. A book written in a point of view you don’t normally read
  14. A book with a day of the week in the title
  15. A book that has been translated
  16. A book published the month you were born
  17. A fiction book written by an actress/actor
  18. A book about murder
  19. A ‘classic’
  20. A YA book with a male hero
  21. A fantasy book
  22. A book on your TBR list
  23. A book that became a film
  24. A book written for kids (JFic)
  25. A True Crime Book
  26. A book you’ve already read
  27. A graphic novel or manga
  28. A memoir
  29. A book about royalty
  30. A book written by an author living in a different country
  31. A book to improve your mental health
  32. A book from our Staff Picks on the homepage of
  33. A popular book club book
  34. A book published in 2019
  35. A book you think should be turned into a movie
  36. A book inspired by mythology
  37. A book with Love in the title
  38. A book about family
  39. An ‘own voices’ book
  40. A sequel to a series written by a different author
  41. A book from 2005
  42. A book based during a war
  43. A book that has someone’s name in the title
  44. A book you read as a child and loved
  45. A romance set in the future
  46. A book with nature on the cover
  47. A book written with an author that has the same initials as you
  48. A book that has a vampire in it
  49. The first book in a series with more than 4 books
  50. A book talked about in one of the blogs on
  51.  A book with more than 400 pages
  52. A thriller written by two authors

Think you can do it?

Feel free to come into the library and ask for any recommendations or any clarifications! I’ll be doing this challenge with you as well and I will blog about it! If you want to talk about a specific book you fell in love with because of this challenge, find me and I will gush with you!

Carpe Librum!