Bedtime – try to keep the same bedtime for your child throughout the school year.  Start now by making bedtime a little earlier each night. By the time school starts, your child will be back to a bedtime that will make it easier to get up and going in the morning.

 As much as possible, try to keep the same bedtime over the weekend and during school breaks. Students need to be well rested in order to do their best at school. Make sure you tell your child what the bedtime will be during the school year.  Look at a clock and help your child to know what the clock will look like at the given bedtime (digital and analog clocks). Webmd ( ) recommends that children 6 to 13 years old get 10 to 11 hours of sleep each night and children 14 to 17 years old get 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night.

Most importantly, spend time reading a book together.  The library has a great selection of books you can read with your child. You can read a chapter book together with your older children and a picture book with younger children.


Check alarm clock
Lay out clothes for the next day
Take a bath
Brush your teeth
Read a Story
Get a drink
Go to the bathroom
Go to bed at the set bedtime