National Grammar Day

It’s the most wonderful day of the year — at least, it is if you majored in English in college and love to write! Sunday, March 4 is National Grammar Day.

I know, I know; I’m excited, too.  I can hardly blame you. If you’re like Aunt Josephine and me, and want to correct every grammatical error and typo you come across, then this is the holiday you need to celebrate!

The Aurora Public Library District has just what you need!

Grammar is often defined as a set of rules speakers and writers must follow, but many scholars believe that grammar is used to better understand the language. Even though there are some grammatical rules that are fixated for all eternity, grammar can still change as the language changes.

We have books on how to improve your grammar, so you can perfect that Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram post, so as to make all your followers envious about how smart you are. We have titles on beginning and intermediate grammar lessons for all levels! We also have titles on how to write better while using correct grammar, so your next novel will need next-to-no editing! If you would rather check out digital books through the Indiana Digital Download Center with OverDrive, we’ve got you covered there, too!

So, brush up on your grammar and celebrate #NationalGrammarDay! (Ha! The # is a perfect example of how grammar can change with the changing language!)

Happy Reading!