Spring Cleaning! How to Organize your Bookshelf/Bookshelves

If you’re anything like me, you’ll hate any kind of cleaning and put it off for as long as possible. But, it must be done! My least favorite thing to clean though, are my bookshelves. (Yes, multiple shelves; I have three and they’re all full!) I hate going through my shelves because I hate getting rid of books, even the ones that I don’t like and I know I’ll never read again. But, once again, it must be done every few years or so!

I’ll go through my shelves and if I haven’t read the book, didn’t like the book, or don’t intend to read the book in a few years, then I’ll make a donation pile. You can donate your old books to any Goodwill, Half Price Books, or most resale stores. You can also donate your old books to the Aurora Public Library District’s daily Book Sale, which is kept at the Dillsboro Public Library. A lot of people have yard sales throughout the spring and summer, too, so you could also resell your old books that way. Either way, you can rest assured that someone else down the line will love your old books as much as you did, and enjoy the ones that you did not.

When I had just one bookshelf (in junior high and high school), I used to have a system to organize my books, much like the shelving system that most libraries utilize. Over the years, I’ve definitely lost those organizational skills and kind of shelve my books wherever they will fit. Take my advice: don’t do this!

You can shelve your books alphabetically by author, by series, or even by color. I’ve seen some bookshelves that look like tiny rainbows with the books shelved by the hue of the cover. You can also play favorites and shelve your favorite books on the top shelf and work your way down (I definitely do this with the shelf in my bedroom). It’s your bookshelf; organize it however you want!

Take the rainy days of spring to organize your books. You’ll feel so much better! And while you’re at it, you could listen to audio books that you have checked out from the branches of the Aurora Public Library District or that you’ve downloaded to your device from the Indiana Digital Download Center.