Sarah J. Maas

Recently, I just finished reading A Court of Thorns and Roses.I’d seen this book on the shelves here at the library and on my recommended Goodreads shelves. I’d recently read a book from an uncommon area of books called New Adult. In my curiosity, I searched New Adult on Goodreads and saw that A Court of Thorns and Roses was included with that list.


Let me just start this blog post by saying…..OH BLESS MY HEART!

A Court of Thorns and Roses is probably my favorite series in the entire world at this moment. It was a beautiful retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Ms. Maas created such a bright and a tantalizing world for us to read and enjoy. She captured the very essence of writing that I had been searching for and entertained me until the very end of her second book, A Court of Thorns and Roses. She’s a writer to remember and her books are those books that you finish and feel lost at the ending because you don’t know what to do with your life anymore.

Nineteen year old, Feyre (Fay-ruh) is the sole provider for her family, due to a promise she made her mother on her deathbed. As we are first introduced to Feyre, she is hunting in the woods during winter for food for her family. As she is hunting, we learn that they once worshiped the High Fae and were enslaved by them. A war waged between the two and a treaty was formed between the two, as well as a wall. Feyre comes across a doe being hunted by a wolf, so she uses an ash arrow that she’d bought with the very few extra money they had and shot the wolf. The wolf dies and she skins the wolf and carries the doe back to her home. Since she killed the wolf, she unknowingly killed a faerie and is caught and forced to go past the wall and live with Faeries.

Sarah J. Maas captured my mind, heart, and soul with just 421 pages of words. I’ve fallen madly in love with her writing, her stories, and her words. It was a beautiful love story that demanded sacrifices.

Sarah Maas was born on March 5, 1986 in New York City. She attended Hamilton College where she majored in creative writing and minored in religious studies. She married and now resides in Pennsylvania.

She began writing her first novel Throne of Glass, when she was sixteen years old. After writing several chapters of the novel, (which was then titled Queen of Glass), she posted them on where it became one of the most popular stories on the site. It was later removed when she made the decision to try to get the novel published.

She began sending the story to agents in 2008 and finally landed one in 2009. Throne of Glass was purchased in March of 2010 by Bloomsbury, who later purchased two additional books in the series. The series is now available in 15 countries and 23 languages. Sarah is contracted to write six books in the series.

Throne of Glass is loosely based on Cinderella with the idea of Cinderella being an Assassin and instead of attending a ball to meet the prince, she has to kill him instead.

In September 2015, Mark Gordon and Company announced that they acquired television right for Throne of Glass.

A Court of Thorns and Roses, is Sarah’s second series. The book was first written in 2009 but wasn’t published until 2015.

The third book of her A Court of Thorns and Roses Series is called A Court of Wings and Ruin will be published May 2. The sixth book in her Throne of Glass series will be published September 5.

Though we don’t have all the books within her Throne of Glass series, it is possible to get them through InterLibrary loan if you are a patron in good standing. This means you have a fine lower than five dollars and that we can borrow the book or books from another library for you.

At this moment, I am reading A Court of Mist and Fury, and it is capable that I will do a Series Selection blog on here because of the perfection of this series!




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