A NEW Resource for our patrons!

The Library is excited to bring to you this new resource! BrainHQ is a resource that lets you exercise your brain. Memory loss, slowed reactions and trouble with information recall does not have to be a fact of life that we accept.

By using BrainHQ to exercise your brain you can fight back! BrainHQ was built by a team of neuroscientists, with proven exercises to make real lasting improvements in brain function.

BrainHQ is built to adapt to your unique performance so you know that your brain is getting exactly what it needs to stay strong.

To get access to BrainHQ all you need to do is click here and create your account using your library card.

You will then be able to access:

  • – brain teasers
  • – brain facts & myths
  • – tips for supplementing your training through everyday habits
  • – & 29 online exercises