Mixed Media

Mixed Media in the art term refers to artwork that has more than one product used to create that piece of artwork.

(Picture Courtesy of Mixed Media May)

There is a distinction between ‘mixed media’ and ‘multimedia art’. Mixed media refers to visual art that combines different products. For example, a piece of artwork that would have paint, ink, and forms of paper stuck to it would be considered a mixed media. The term ‘multimedia art’ refers to a broad scope that combines visual art and non-visual art elements (for example: recorded sound), or with elements of the other arts (literature, drama, dance and/or motion graphics).


(Picture courtesy of Alexi Francis illustrations)

There are several different forms of mixed media art, but the best one in my opinion would have to be the altered book. An altered book is a form of mixed media art that changes a book from its original form into another form changing its appearance or meaning. Altered books may be as simple as adding a drawing or text to a page or even as intricate as creating a folded book sculpture.

Another form of an altered book is known as an art journal. An art journal is simply a book. Art just refers to the decoration and items used within the book to decorate. You can use anything to decorate the book both inside and out. The limit? Your imagination!