15 Problems Only A Bibliophile Would Understand

Some people just don’t understand the problems us, bibliophiles, face every day of our reading lives. So below I’ve listed fifteen problems only us bibliophiles would know and would understand.

1. When you are laying in bed and the only part of you that’s cold is the arm that is currently holding the book.

2. When someone interrupts you just as you get to the good part of the book.

3. When you’ve waited on a sequel to a novel for so long you’ve forgotten what happened in the book before.

4.When you forget the book at your house or in your car and you can’t stop thinking about it.

5. When the knowledge that you could be reading instead of spending time with your family crosses your mind and then you feel guilty about it.

6. When a movie based on a book that you’ve read comes out and it’s completely different.

7. When you get to a good part in a book that you weren’t expecting and gasp or cry out loud.

8. When you fall in love with characters and wish that they were your friends.

9. When you want to buy books but you can’t because either A) you’re broke, B) you have no shelf space, or C) both.

10. When you spend all your money on books instead of things you actually need.

11. Deciding between a paperback book and a hardcover book.

12. Reading one of your own books and worrying you’ll get it creased.

13. Wanting to read so many books but never having enough time.

14. Wanting to read all the books on your to-read list but finding it never-ending.

15. When someone says something bad about your book and you get mad.