Every Bibliophile’s Dream

Mechthild Glaser captured and envisioned every bibliophile’s dream with this one singular novel. Translated from German to English, the Book Jumper follows Amy Lennox from Germany to Stormsay Island. Where she learns she has a unique gift: she’s a book jumper. Quickly after arriving at Stormsay, she learns every book jumper has a job. They must protect the literary world, and all the characters inside. Within her first few jumps, she learns not all is right with the literary world: someone is stealing the unique ideas that makes all the stories classics, from the Wizard of Oz’s cyclone to Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit. In doing so, all the stories are changing and causing chaos in the outside world. Amy must come to terms with herself as a book jumper and she must find out who is stealing the key ideas to the stories . So she teams up with another book jumper named Will and Werther from The Sorrows of Young Werther, and begins her search of finding the thief and saving the literary world.

The cover of this book fits the story perfectly. Isn’t it beautiful?


If only webibliophile’s could jump into books, meet all our favorite characters and live the story as they do!