When Life is Hard for Kids

We all want childhood to be a happy, carefree time. At the same time, we know that children often go through transitions that are difficult for them to handle. As families change and relocate, and as they go through periods of loss or adjustment, books can help us process our emotions. Sharing a picture book about a difficult topic opens a space for children to voice their concerns and to ask questions. It can be very reassuring for them to realize that their emotions are acceptable and are a part of the human experience. Here are some of my suggestions for a few of life’s transitions. Please ask if you would like to locate a book for a particular circumstance. I’ll be happy to help you find just the right book to share at the right moment.

When your family is moving to a new town, these books can help smooth the way and open a door to new possibilities.


Kids can experience separation in a variety of ways from staying with grandparents to having a parent leave the house or having a parent become incarcerated.


When being placed in foster care, a book may help children toward acceptance of their situation. The same is true when parents divorce. It’s important for children to realize that families come in all different sizes and circumstances.



If you either have adopted children or are planning to adopt, these are beautiful books to share.


Illness and death can turn a child’s world completely upside-down. When you are also grieving, a picture book can help you find the words to discuss things with your child.



Of course, not all of life’s transitions are hard! Adding a new sibling to the family is a time to celebrate! Even so, books can help smooth the way for the arrival of the new bundle of joy. The Boss Baby is a favorite book of mine and is being released as a full-length movie at the end of March. Make sure to also check-out The Bossier Baby!