10 Short Stories to Read During Your Lunch Break

Do you spend your lunch break scrolling Facebook? Consider switching out your phone for a short story. Short stories, according to Cliff Notes, is a story that is shorter in length than a novel. The time it takes to read a short story could be between a half hour to 2 hours, so depending on the length of the novel you could have it done in one lunch time.

Need some book suggestions to get started with? Check out these 10 short stories.

For baseball lovers we have Baseball Crazy: ten short stories that cover all the bases 

For dog lovers check out The canine connection: stories about dogs and people

Love a good detective mystery? Windy City blues : V.I. Warshawski stories

Interested in the visions of tomorrow? Tomorrowland : ten stories about the future

A picture is worth a thousand words, these short stories are all about what writers imagined what was going on in the illustrations.  Twice told: original stories inspired by original art

Love a good steampunk story? Steampunk : an anthology of fantastically rich and strange stories

Want some stories about the art deco period? Tales of the Jazz Age

And for our school age bibliophiles we have Tripping over the lunch lady: and other school stories

Good old American fairytales American fairy tales: from Rip Van Winkle to the Rootabaga stories

Enjoy war stories? Read Dogs of War

Add your short story suggestions in the comments below!