Cans for Fines

Clear your library fines and help those in need, it’s a win, win situation for everyone! 

The month of February is  National Love Your Library Month as well as National Canned Food Month. February 1st through 28th, the Aurora Public Library District is accepting canned food items in lieu of fines. For every can you bring in, $1.00 will be taken from your fines. So, if you owe $3.30 and you bring in 4 cans, then your fines will be completely wiped clean! There is no limit on how many cans you bring in, so if your fines are higher, you can bring as many cans as you need to.  All of the cans collected at the Aurora Public Library will be given to the Aurora Clearing House Food Pantry. Cans collected at the Dillsboro Public Library will go to the Dillsboro Food Pantry. Even if you don’t owe any fines, we will gladly accept any donations you would like to give. Help share and spread the love by participating in Cans for Fines.