Realistic Fiction

Realistic Fiction is a genre in which the events that take place could realistically happen in real life. In other words, the novels in this genre are realistic, with regular people and circumstances in a believable setting. Realistic Fiction often blends Romance, Drama, and Humor into the genre as well. The tone is typically conversational, making this genre easy and quick to read. Because this genre is typically predominated by female writers writing about women’s issues and relationships, it is sometimes known as “Chick Lit.” This type of fiction surfaced and became popular in the mid-1990’s and remains popular today, especially because many of these books have gone on to be popular romantic comedy movies.

The Aurora Public Library District has too many Realistic Fiction writers to count on its physical shelves as well as in digital format from the Indiana Digital Download Center. Here is a (long) list of popular Realistic/Domestic/Mainstream/”Chick Lit” Fiction authors that you can check out today:


Writers who helped to popularize the genre include Helen Fielding, Lauren Weisberger, Jodi Picoult, Anna Quindlen, Jane Green, Danielle Steel, Emma McLaughlin, Billie Letts, and Candace Bushnell.


Jennifer Weiner’s novels are often described as “laugh-out-loud” funny. Her protagonists deal with average and sometimes serious issues that are not that far-fetched; they could happen to anyone. Her characters are well-rounded and likeable, with a conversational voice and compelling stories. Start with Good in Bed.


Emily Giffin is another writer who writes about serious issues in a lighthearted and humorous way. Her characters are also likeable even when they are doing deplorable things. Start with Something Borrowed.


Elin Hilderbrand is unique because all of her novels take place on the historic island of Nantucket, but her characters and plot vary from story to story. Her novels are the ultimate summer read, filled with romance, friendship, and the beach. Start with Barefoot.


Nancy Thayer writes about everyday, realistic women and their families and friendships, with the tone ranging from serious to hilarious from novel to novel. She writes in an engagingly, character-driven books that will move even the grumpiest person. Start with Moon Shell Beach.


Kristin Hannah focuses on women and their relationships with the setting of her novels often playing a crucial role. Her books are typically about characters finding their own happiness, which evokes a lot of emotion from the reader along the way. Start with Distant Shores.


Some current and up-and-coming “Chick Lit” writers are Jojo Moyes, Jennifer Close, and Curtis Sittenfeld. And while this is a predominately women’s genre, there are some men who write “Chick Lit,” such as Nicholas Sparks and Nicholas Evans.¬† Other honorable writers include: Sophie Kinsella, Jane Hamilton, Joanna Trollope, Barbara Kingsolver, Jennifer Chiaverini, and Meg Cabot.


In answer to the “Chick Lit” sub-genre, some men began writing books on men’s issues and relationships from a man’s perspective. These books were dubbed “Lad Lit,” and some popular authors from this sub-genre are: Nick Hornby, Matthew Quick, Jonathan Tropper, David Nicholls, Chuck Palahniuk, and Bret Easton Ellis. Don’t forget to check out the Indiana Digital Download Center for more Realistic Fiction titles and authors!

Happy Reading!