Great Websites for Readers and Writers Alike

There are thousands of websites for readers and thousands of websites for writers. But what about a website for readers and writers alike? Look no further than here for your reading and writing extravaganza!


Archive of Our Own is known for its fan fictions. With fan fictions ranging from Supernatural to Disney. Though it’s for more than just fan fictions; some people choose to write regular fiction, too, whether its romantic or historical. To write, you have to create an account, but to read you can just click on the subject your heart desires and then choose from thousands of areas!


Fan fiction is exactly what it says: fan fiction. Filled with thousands and thousands of different ‘fan ships.’ You’re bound to find one you like somewhere in all the subjects they have. To create a story, you must create an account, but to read just peruse the subjects and choose the one that catches your eyes!


FictionPad is thoroughly all about fiction. It’s not one of the most known writing and reading sites but it’s popular. Any fiction, from science fiction or historical to romantic.  It’s all the stories you love from unique minds and normal people like yourselves.


Goodreads is mainly known for being a Facebook for readers, but there’s a different side to Goodreads that I personally just discovered. Goodreads is also a writing website as well. You do have to have an account, but it’s easy, just sign up with your Facebook and get to writing! As well as reading other people’s writing online, you can update your reading status to the current book you’re reading.


Now, for my personal favorite. Wattpad is a unique and interesting way in getting in touch with your inner writer, reader, and editor. Create an account and fall in love with it just like I did. It’s simple and unique in its way of interacting with you readers or your favorite ‘semi-authors’ and become a ‘semi-author’ yourself. Not only can you become successful on Wattpad and know people enjoy your stories, but you can also have a chance at being published for real!