Travel to Section 910

Are you planning a trip sometime soon? Let the Aurora Public Library District help! Let’s take a short trip to the 910’s in the Nonfiction section of the Library.


Section 910 is the beginning of the Geography and Travel section of the Library. In this section, you’ll find books on the geography of our world and the cultures of peoples living in certain areas of the world, such as Great Lakes Island Escapes by Maureen Dunphy and Peoples and Nations of the Far East and Pacific by Sheila Fairfield. This would be a great section to start if you are interested in the culture of the people of the region of which you are traveling.

Section 911 contains Historical Geography. This area includes titles about the history that took place in a certain region, such as Where History Was Made by Ben Dupre and London: A Life In Maps by Peter Whitfield. If you want the historical significance of where you’re traveling to, this would be the spot for you.

Section 912 holds books about the Graphic Representations of the Surface of the Earth. In other words, this section is filled with atlases. In this area, you’ll find the National Geographic’s Atlas of the World and more. We also have several road atlases that can be checked out, or we can help you copy certain pages and print them out, too.

Section 913 is Geography of and Travel in the Ancient World. In this area, you’ll find a few different items pertaining to the geography of the world in years past. Some titles include Ancient Ruins and Archaeology by L. Sprague De Camp, Red Land, Black Land: The World of Ancient Egyptians by Barbara Merz, and An Archaeological Survey of Dearborn County, Indiana by Cindy K. Parish.

Sections 914-919 pertain to traveling the world as we know it now. 914 includes DK Eyewitness travel guides from Amsterdam to Warsaw and everywhere in between. This part of the Library collection is the best place to begin as you plan your vacation. Travel and information books on specific continents are also easy to locate because they are separated by call number and location by continent:


914: Europe

915: Asia

916: Africa

917: North America

918: South America

919: Australia, Pacific Ocean islands, Arctic islands, and Antarctica

Stop in the Library today to check out some of these great travel resources. Books check out for two weeks, but you can always call and have them renewed if you are unable to stop in. And if you don’t have time to stop in and browse our physical travel collection, be sure to check the Indiana Digital Download Center to view our digital travel collection (and cut down on the weight of your luggage to save you some money!). You can also check out our different online travel resources, too, on our website. We have several links to travel databases, like A to Z in the USA, A to Z World Travel, and Global Road Warrior. These resources are great to use when you’re on the go and need to plan activities, look at maps, and learn information about where you’re traveling to. All you need to log on is your library card and pin number! And if you’re unsure about your pin number, call the library today for more information.

Happy Traveling! Also, do you have room for one more?