Every Yearbook Is A Window Into The Past

yearbookYearbook – a book published by the graduating class of a high school or college, containing photographs of class members and commemorating school activities.

You will usually find yearbooks hidden in an attic or basement but did you know you can also find a collection at your Local History Library @ The Depot. Did you ever wish to see what your grandpa looked like as a freshman or what activities your grandma participated in while in high school?  Enjoyment is not the only reason to view an old yearbook.  Yearbooks are one of those resources many people do not think of as a history resource.  Yearbooks do not provide information about the vital events usually associated with genealogy research, yet they do provide other information about individual lives.

Here are some examples of how a search through an old yearbook may help you in your family history:

*It pinpoints a person in a particular time and/or place

*Class lists usually include a photo (grandpa & grandma)

*Family linkage (siblings, students with the same last name – they could be relatives)

*History (The history of the school or town may be included)

*General history (world events, advertisements, fads, cultures, fashion)

*What world events concerned and/or influenced students?

The next time you find yourself in your basement or attic look up your old yearbooks.  If you decide they are simply occupying space and collecting dust, you might consider donating them to The Local History Library.  Our collection includes 1912 through 2016 and is in search of volumes/years 1925, 2000, and 2003. to make our collection complete.

After you journey down memory lane cruising through your yearbooks, come in and cruise through ours.  While visiting The Depot, we guarantee you will find many resources available to you to assist your research into local history and genealogy.

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