It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year for the Holiday Times Drawing

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? A book is the perfect gift! And to credit that, the Aurora Public Library District is doing a ‘Holiday Times Drawing’.

You must be eighteen or older to enter. Just come to one of our two district libraries, (Dillsboro or Aurora) and enter for your chance to win 5 hardback books of YOUR choice from the New York Times Bestsellers List! The drawing will take place beginning on December 1 to December 15. The winning name will be drawn on December 16!

Don’t know any New York Times Best Sellers? Don’t worry! Just click on the link below.

Kick-off the Holiday Season with Books and Cookies!

Saturday, December 3rd, will be the beginning of a month of very special activities at the Aurora Public Library District. Community members of all ages are invited to attend our annual Christmas Books and Cookies Program. At the Aurora Public Library, Peggy will be sharing Christmas picture books at 10 AM. Following the stories, cookies will be available for decorating until 2 PM. The same activities will be available at the Dillsboro Public Library, but beginning at 10:30 AM and ending at 1:30 PM. A  holiday craft will also be available at both locations. You can complete the craft at the library or take it with you to make at home.

maple-and-willows-christmas-tree  christmas-for-greta-and-gracie  how-to-catch-an-elf



We all have that one book that we read again and again, because it didn’t only change our lives but it stole our hearts as well. I’ve never had this experience with just one book until I read Atonement: By Ian McEwan.

I’d seen the movie first and absolutely fell in love with the characters, mainly because James McAvoy and Keira Knightly brought them to life just so well. When I found out that it was a book, I jumped at the chance to read it. Once I checked the book out, I immediately fell even more in love with the story of Cecilia and Robbie. Mr. McEwan brings the story to life in such a unique and fascinating way that the story engulfed me from beginning to ending.

“There did not have to be a moral. She need only show separate minds, as alive as her own, struggling with the idea that other minds were equally alive. It wasn’t only wickedness and scheming that made people unhappy, it was confusion and misunderstanding, above all, it was the failure to grasp the simple truth that other people are as real as you. And only in a story could you enter these different minds and show how they had an equal value. That was the only moral a story need have.”

-From Atonement

This story takes place in 1934, and takes the innocence of thirteen year old, Briony and extends her innocence to levels that we have not yet grasped. Young Briony witnesses a moment of flirtation between her older sister, Cecilia and their servant, Robbie. When Briony’s incomplete grasp of adult motives causes her to tell a lie that tears them apart for years to come. Through carnage and chaos, love and pain, the story follows the repercussions of such a lie.

This book is a masterpiece made of words. Not only does it help you grasp the meaning of life, but it also helps you realize the repercussions of lies and how they can affect everyone involved for the rest of their lives. It captivated me and still remains with me to this day.

“Nothing as singular or as important had happened since the day of his birth. She returned his gaze, struck by the sense of her own transformation, and overwhelmed by the beauty in a face which a lifetime’s habit had taught her to ignore. She whispered his name with the deliberation of a child trying out the distinct sounds. When he replied with her name, it sounded like a new word – the syllables remained the same, the meaning was different. Finally he spoke the three simple words that no amount of bad art or bad faith can ever quite cheapen. She repeated them, with exactly the same emphasis on the second word, as if she had been the one to say them first. He had no religious belief, but it was impossible not to think of an invisible presence or witness in the room, and that these words spoken aloud were like signatures on an unseen contract”

-From Atonement

The movie was just as amazing as the book. The characters are brought to life and showed us a side of them we don’t see in the book. The book spoke not only Briony’s thoughts but Cecilia and Robbie’s thoughts as well and helped us understand them more as characters and human beings.


Fantasy Fiction

If you’re looking for a fantastic world to escape into, then Fantasy Fiction is the genre for you. This type of fiction uses supernatural elements within the narrative to tell a story. It is typically written serially because usually an epic, detailed, in-depth story is involved. Fantasy Fiction is probably my favorite genre because anything is possible. The forefathers of Fantasy Fiction (such as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien) would be proud of how far their genre has come in the last few decades. Here are some of the top Fantasy writers you can find on the shelves of the Aurora Public Library District.


George R. R. Martin is probably most well-known for his series A Song of Ice and Fire, which has been made popular by the television series “A Game of Thrones.” Another series by Martin is Dreamsongs, which is available through the Indiana Digital Download Center.  Martin is known for his simple language and driving action that holds the reader’s attention and keeps them begging for more.


Terry Goodkind is known for his Sword of Truth series. This series features epic quests for the more mature reader, including violence, torture, and murder. Start with Wizard’s First Rule. Other titles are also available through the Indiana Digital Download Center.


Robert Jordan (my favorite) is best known for his epic series The Wheel of Time. His novels are intricately detailed and filled with connections you might have missed on your first read-through. Since he passed away shortly before this series was finished, fellow fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson finished the series from Jordan’s notes he left behind. These authors are also available through the Indiana Digital Download Center.


Terry Brooks is a great author for readers who are just discovering Fantasy. He is most well-known for his Shannara novels, epic serials that take place within the same foreign land with different characters. We have several titles available in print format and also through the Indiana Digital Download Center.

If you’re just getting into Fantasy Fiction, I suggest you start with some Juvenile and Young Adult Fantasy Fiction. Some notable authors include Orson Scott Card, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Tamora Pierce, Brian Jacques, Philip Pullman, and John Flanagan. All of these authors have titles available in regular print and as downloads from the Indiana Digital Download Center.


Who is your favorite Fantasy writer? Stop in the Library today and let us know! Happy reading!


Every Yearbook Is A Window Into The Past

yearbookYearbook – a book published by the graduating class of a high school or college, containing photographs of class members and commemorating school activities.

You will usually find yearbooks hidden in an attic or basement but did you know you can also find a collection at your Local History Library @ The Depot. Did you ever wish to see what your grandpa looked like as a freshman or what activities your grandma participated in while in high school?  Enjoyment is not the only reason to view an old yearbook.  Yearbooks are one of those resources many people do not think of as a history resource.  Yearbooks do not provide information about the vital events usually associated with genealogy research, yet they do provide other information about individual lives.

Here are some examples of how a search through an old yearbook may help you in your family history:

*It pinpoints a person in a particular time and/or place

*Class lists usually include a photo (grandpa & grandma)

*Family linkage (siblings, students with the same last name – they could be relatives)

*History (The history of the school or town may be included)

*General history (world events, advertisements, fads, cultures, fashion)

*What world events concerned and/or influenced students?

The next time you find yourself in your basement or attic look up your old yearbooks.  If you decide they are simply occupying space and collecting dust, you might consider donating them to The Local History Library.  Our collection includes 1912 through 2016 and is in search of volumes/years 1925, 2000, and 2003. to make our collection complete.

After you journey down memory lane cruising through your yearbooks, come in and cruise through ours.  While visiting The Depot, we guarantee you will find many resources available to you to assist your research into local history and genealogy.

Our hours are:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays:  11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Third Saturday of the Month:                 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Phone:  812-926-4363


Holiday Cookbooks

The winter holidays are fast-approaching, and with them come the business of family gatherings, shopping, and parties. And of course, where there’s more than one person gathered, there are mountains and mountains of food waiting to be devoured. The Library’s collection of cookbooks can help you find that perfect recipe.

For Thanksgiving gatherings, the Aurora Public Library District has several cookbooks dedicated to the holiday. These books are filled with traditional recipes that your family will love (and come to expect!), as well as new twists on old classics. The Library also has a few Thanksgiving craft books, too, that your family will enjoy when they’ve eaten too much dinner and can’t move. Nancy Hathaway’s Thanksgiving Crafts and Cookbook is an excellent place to start.


The Library has other holiday cookbooks to offer, too. Al Roker’s Hassle-Free Holiday Cookbook, Paula Deen Celebrates, Debbie Macomber’s Christmas Cookbook, and the Jewish Holiday Cookbook are just a few titles we have to offer. And if you’re looking for the perfect side dishes to go with your traditional main course, Choosing Sides by Tara Mataraza Desmond is a wonderful resource. We also have great cookbooks dedicated entirely to desserts, like Anita Prichard’s Complete Candy Cookbook and Sandra Lee’s Semi-Homemade Desserts.


The Aurora Public Library District has cookbooks specifically for entertaining guests in your own home as well as what to bring to parties, such as Bite by Bite, Relax, Company’s Coming!, Entertaining with Southern Living, and The Church Supper Cookbook. Get the kids involved, too; we have plenty of cookbooks with kid-friendly recipes, like I Can Cook, Cool Sweets & Treats to Eat, and the Better Homes and Gardens Step-By-Step Kids’ Cookbook. They’ll love helping you in the kitchen and you can make some great memories along the way.


We also have several volumes of special dietary cookbooks on our shelves, like The Best Gluten-Free Family Cookbook, The Complete Step-By-Step Diabetic Cookbook, The American Heart Association Low-Salt Cookbook, and The Allergy Self-Help Cookbook. And if there’s a specific cookbook you’re looking for that we don’t have, we can always try to get it through Inter-Library Loan.

This time of year can be stressful enough without having to worry about cooking, so let the Aurora Public Library District help you. Stop in today with your questions, or visit the Indiana Digital Download Center for more cookbooks.

Happy cooking!

Exploring the Seasons

As the days get shorter and the weather begins to get a bit nippy, take the time to discuss the changing seasons with your children. Kids love to learn about things they can see, so this is the perfect time to share a book and then expand the learning by taking a walk around your neighborhood. Here are a few of my favorite books on the seasons. Some of these titles are specific to autumn or November, but many explore the entire circle of the seasons.

ox-cart-man    old-bear

leaves    seasons

autumn     in-november

Autumn by Mary Pat Finnegan is part of a four book series about seasons. They are found in the non-fiction area at the Aurora Public Library but are very appropriate for children as young as preschool.

winters-coming     winter-is-coming

Of these two books about the coming of winter, Winter’s Coming by Pat Thornhill is better for younger kids and Winter is Coming by Tony Johnston is better for older kids. Johnston’s picture book features exquisite illustrations by Jim LaMarche.

The next two books give very simple explanations of how Earth’s rotation causes the seasons.

reasons-for-seasons     on-earth

Poetry is a fun way to explore the changing seasons!

guyku     hi-koo

long-night-moon    caps-hats-socks-and-mittens

Long Night Moon by Cynthia Rylant and  Thirteen Moons on Turtle’s Back by Joseph Bruchac both use the Native American practice of naming each full moon as the structure for a book about the seasons. The moon names used varies by tribe; you can find a list at American Indian Moons.

Perhaps as a family, you could track the times for sunrise and sunset during a month. This information is available on the ten-day forecasts on Just keep in mind that these are official times and the way sunrise and sunset actually appear at your house can vary depending on the location of your house and weather conditions. I’ll have a book of seasonal poems at the desk in the children’s room at the Aurora Public Library, so stop by and I’ll be happy to share a poem with you!

Thanksgiving Day Craft

Who doesn’t enjoy a fun Thanksgiving craft? On Friday, November 18th and on Saturday, November 19th, we will have a cute turkey craft ready for you to do at the Aurora Public Library or the Dillsboro Public Library. We invite you to sit and make the craft at the library, or if your time is limited, you can just grab it and go. Everything you need to complete the craft will be in the bag! Make it early as a decoration or save it until Thanksgiving so your kids or grand-kids have something to do while they wait on the turkey.


You can find more great craft projects in these books:

crafts-for-thanksgiving      thanksgiving-day-crafts


The Aurora Public Library District wishes you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving. The libraries will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, but will reopen on Friday, November 25th.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Harry Potter fans, dust off your wands and cloaks because the much-anticipated Harry Potter prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be released into theaters on November 18! [Insert Harry Potter theme music here and fireworks.] I know we’ve all been waiting with bated breath for this movie ever since it was announced in September 2013, but here are some things you might not have known:

For instance, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be the first installment of five movies. [Insert internal screaming here.] That means that us Potterheads have at least five movies to look forward to that will connect us to the Wizarding World once again. Also, did you know that the Fantastic Beasts screenplay was written by J.K. Rowling herself? So it’s automatically going to be amazing.

Under the pseudonym Newt Scamander, J.K. Rowling published Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and its companion Quidditch Through the Ages on March 1, 2001. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a required textbook for all first-year Hogwarts students, as is demonstrated by the school supply list Harry receives in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The textbook is a history of magizoology (the study of magical creatures) and describes 85 magical species and where they are located in the world. Our copy includes handwritten notes from Harry, Ron, and Hermione, though, so you might want to check it out.

The movie provides the background story for what was happening in the life of Newt Scamander right before he published his book. Sadly, we won’t be returning to Hogwarts, as this movie is set in New York City in 1926, but we will hear about some familiar characters (Do the names Gellert Grindelwald and Albus Dumbledore ring a bell?). With all of the excitement surrounding the release of the script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child back in July of this year, it’s a wonder Potterheads can still summon enough anticipation for Fantastic Beasts (HA!).

So, in preparation for this event, I suggest rereading your favorite parts of the Harry Potter books and re-watching the movies. The Aurora Public Library District just got a brand new set of the Harry Potter movies just waiting to be broken in. If you don’t have time to stop into the library, be sure to check out the Indiana Digital Download Center for books, audiobooks, and more.


Accio, November 18!




The New IDDC, preview available Now!


The new Indiana Digital Download Center powered by Overdrive is a completely refreshed website and app experience that makes your digital library faster and easier to use than ever before.

We’re currently updating our library to the new IDDC. The preview is available now. Go to the library website, click  Digital Downloads, then the click the Overdrive Preview Banner that appears at the bottom of the page. It’s that simple! Explore the new layout and the new functions and features.