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Let’s Take A Moment: Gabriel’s Inferno


Can’t decide what to read? Can’t get interested in anything? This book will ignite an inferno inside of you that just leaves you wanting more and more.

Gabriel’s inferno not only focuses on Professor Gabriel Emerson and Julia Mitchell but Dante and Beatrice as well. Like almost every romance you read, these character’s don’t just fall head over heals in love with each other at first sight. They start out with a platonic relationship. Julia, having grown up with Gabriel’s little sister, knows all about how haunted Gabriel can be, especially after spending a night in his arms at the age of seventeen. Having believed herself madly in love with him, she chooses to become a Dante specialist and enrolls into his class. Professor Emerson can come off as a bit rude and snobbish but he ultimately warms on you. Julia and he begin a relationship slowly, though, with the school’s fraternizing policy, they can’t be seen out in public while she is his student. Professor Emerson makes moves to protect Julia from harm by finding another Professor to take her on for her dissertation, the fear of being found weighs heavily on their minds. As their relationship grows, both Julia and Gabriel must come to terms with their past.

The story focuses on the emotional sides of relationships and how the past can hurt you without redemption and penance.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It not only captivated me, but made me feel as if I was next to Julia and Gabriel, watching as they fell in love. I loved how Mr. Reynard romanticized his writing, not only this way but how he took us through the scenery and made us feel as if we were there and not sitting in class or in bed reading. Gabriel and Julia’s relationship was conflicted, of course, but they fight for it and they endure the hardships. Reynard does write differently than other authors.

Ratings from others:
“The Professor is sexy and sophisticated . . . I can’t get enough of him!”—USA Today bestselling author Kristen Proby
“[In Gabriel’s Inferno and Gabriel’s Rapture,] I found myself enraptured by Sylvain Reynard’s flawless writing. Gabriel’s Inferno and Gabriel’s Rapture are books I will always treasure and are among my top ten reads of last year.”—The Autumn Review
“An unforgettable and riveting love story that will sweep readers off their feet.”—Nina’s Literary Escape
“Sylvain Reynard’s writing is captivating and intense . . . It’s hard not to be drawn to the darkly passionate and mysterious Gabriel, a character you’ll be drooling and pining for!”—Waves of Fiction



This is a trilogy located in the adult fiction paperback room in the R’s.

Gabriel’s Inferno

Gabriel’s Rapture

Gabriel’s Redemption

National Holidays in October


Did you know that there is at least one national holiday for every day of the year in America, and sometimes there are several holidays on the same day? Just think how much celebrating we’ve been missing out on by only observing the “big” national holidays, like Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day! In October alone, there are fun holidays like Be Bald and Be Free Day, whatever that means, (October 14) and National Bologna Day (October 24) to celebrate. Here is just a small sample of obscure holidays the Library can help you celebrate this month:

October 1 National Vegetarian Day
October 9Leif Eriksson Day
October 10Columbus Day
October 15Sweetest Day
October 16National Dictionary Day
October 22National Make a Difference Day
October 26National Pumpkin Day
October 29National Cat Day
October 30National Candy Corn Day
October 31Halloween

Be sure to check out our catalog or stop in to see how the Library can help you celebrate these holidays and any others you might find on