Making Friends at Storytime

Our Fall Storytimes are off to a great start! We began on October 4th and 5th with a theme of Friends. Preschoolers are at that age when they are really developing relationships with children outside of their immediate family circle. This process sometimes happens very smoothly, but can also hit a few rough bumps as children experience the give-and-take of relationships. Library Programs are a great opportunity for your child to gain social skills as we read, play and sing together. (It can also be a great way for caregivers to make a new friend or two!) Sharing books with your child also opens the door for discussions about friendship, and can reinforce the things you say about how to make friends and how to be a good friend.

a-friend-like-you    being-friends

little-elliot-big-family    my-new-friend-is-so-fun


For more information about the benefits and pitfalls of this stage of your child’s development, you might want to read through this information published by the American Academy of Pediatrics:

Social Development of Preschoolers

Storytimes for ages 3-6 are held on Tuesday at 11 AM at the Dillsboro Public Library and on Wednesdays at both 11 AM and 1 PM at the Aurora Public Library. You can sign up online at  or call the library to register your child.