The Knowledge of a Good Book

What makes a good book good? Well, that’s simple.

1. the beginning.

To fully grasp the meaning of a good book, it has to not only draw you in but make you continue wanting more and more.

 2. the middle.

It’s not just about drawing you in. It’s about making you want to continue reading it. Any book can draw you in, but it takes a good book to make you want to continue wallowing in it.

 3. the ending.

It’s the ending that makes everything questionable. Not only does it make you wonder about the the amount of time you spent reading it, but the ending always needs to bring out some type of emotion. Be it anger or sadness. A good book will always make you feel something, anything!!!









4. the cover.

We all know the rule: don’t judge a book by its cover. Now, let’s actually admit to ourselves we judge everything by the way it looks including books. So just like with eating, we start reading with our eyes, the cover draws you in and makes you think: will it be a good book?

 5. the quality.

Last but definitely not least; the quality of a book. I don’t mean the quality of the binding and cover and papers, those that makes books more beautiful. I mean the quality of the story. Everyone loves when a book takes you not only away from reality but from everything. We love when we’re reading and we can actually picture scenes from the books in our heads. A good book absolutely has to draw you in and make you imagine the characters, the scenes, and the voices.