The Game Maker Series: Kresley Cole

A #1 New Your Times Bestselling Author, known for her Immortals After Dark Series, her young adult Arcana novels, and her five award-winning historical romances, Kresley Cole has decided to take a chance on writing contemporary erotic romances. With a new book genre, she’s taken the world for a spin with the Game Maker Series.

The series follows the tortured Sevastyan brothers through the eyes of their women.


The Professional takes you inside the dark side of Russia and into the very heart of the Russian mob. Natalie Porter, an undergraduate just wants desperately to know her birth parents. So when she sends her DNA in, it alerts her birth father’s enemies. To protect her, enforcer Aleksandr Sevastyan is sent to watch over her. When danger gets too close, he kidnaps her and takes her to Russia. There they discover their intense feelings for each other and begin a passionate affair and journey. When danger consumes her, Aleksandr takes her away from Russia and into Paris where she learns that love and pain go hand in hand.

The Master takes place in Miami. Through the eyes of Catarina Marin, a young woman hiding from her past and forced to start working as an escort. Her first client? None other than politician Maksimilian Sevastyan. After one encounter, they begin craving more and more. As danger envelopes them with dark hands, Maksim must overcome his past to make Cat his future.

Lastly, The Player follows con artist, Victoria, as she sets her sights on Dmitri Sevastyan. In order to protect her family, she must maneuver Dmitri into a Vegas wedding. As they get to know each other, more and more, she learns that he’s not just tempting her body, but her heart as well. As dark secrets unfold, the newlyweds share doubts and pleasure. Once Victoria learns about Dmitri’s past, will she fight for her husband or run?

So if you enjoyed the Crossfire series and loved Fifty Shades of Grey, then The Game Maker Series, is the right way to go!

“Kresley Cole is getting hotter–sexy hot!” —The Hollywood Reporter