Tech Tip Tuesday #18

TechTipTuesdayIt has been a while since we have had a tech tip but today I’ve got something awesome to share with you. I want to encourage you to constantly be soaking up information about new technology. I recently read an article on how one group is using Google Glass to help teach kids on the Autism Spectrum. The coolest part is that by using Google Glass as an assistive device instead of a phone or tablet it keeps kids eyes up rather than down at their device.


The software is called Brain Power and they are using this technology to help individuals on the Autism Spectrum learn practical life skills. One of the most important things they encourage is eye contact which is a huge part of operating in society.

There is so much new technology being developed that it is incredibly important to continue soaking up the information and learning about the new technologies that are being developed. So today take some time and learn about this new wearable technology!