National Book Lovers Day 8/9

Library Book

Tomorrow is National Book Lovers day! We at The Library are all book lovers and are looking forward to celebrating this day! Here are some ideas about how you can celebrate with us

  1. Read!! Spend some time doing what you love reading that book, whether you pick up an old favorite or try something new make sure to get some reading time in.
  2. Plan a meal themed based on your favorite book. Does your favorite book take place out West? In another country? At home? At a hotel? The ideas for a theme based meal to celebrate National Book Lovers day is pretty limitless. Get the whole family involved in making dinner and talk about your favorite books.
  3. Visit the Library and chat with the staff about your favorite book or what you are currently reading. We love hearing your thoughts on books and would love the chance to chat with you some tomorrow.
  4. Share a snap of you reading on your social media! Tag the Library so we can see what you are reading. Facebook Twitter @auroralibrary and Instagram @auroralibrary
  5. Give the gift of reading. Sharing your favorite book with a friend or buying a new book for an early reader sharing your love for reading will help encourage others to read as well.
  6. Donate Old books. As a recovering…well maybe not… book buyer it’s good to donate books that you aren’t reading so others can get the chance to read some of your favorites.