Thanks for a Great Summer!

What a Summer! Our theme of “On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!” allowed us to interact with all ages in our community as we promoted literacy and an active lifestyle. Thank you to all the parents and caregivers who made the effort to get kids involved in programs, and who encouraged them to experience the joy of books. These photos only begin to show how much fun we had!

DPL storytime shimmyshakedance 61416 (111)   DPL storytime shimmyshakedance 61416 (7)

DPL storytime shimmyshakedance 61416 (49)   IMG_0671

IMG_0841   DPL Final Party (23)


IMG_0711   IMG_0735

IMG_0771   IMG_0797

IMG_0800   IMG_0815

IMG_0904   IMG_3992

IMG_3957   IMG_0916

Thanks also to all of our community sponsors who enabled us to provide quality programs.

IMG_0834   IMG_0835

We will be taking some time to evaluate past programs and put plans in place for programs that will begin in the fall. Until then, there will be no LapSit, Toddler Time or Storytimes. Meanwhile, please let us know what you have enjoyed about our programs and what new programming you would like to see. You can stop by anytime to chat with Peggy about Children’s and Youth Services or send an email to Of course, I am always available to help you with book selection or literacy tips.