Indiana’s Literary Heritage

Would you be surprised to know that from 1900-1940, Indiana authors led the nation on the bestseller lists? This time period has been called the “Golden Age of Indiana Literature” and featured authors like Theodore Dreiser, Booth Tarkington, Lew Wallace, Gene Stratton-Porter and Jessamyn West. To learn more about this “Golden Age”, you can read this article from the Indiana Policy Review. Many of the books by these authors are considered American Classics, and some, like Friendly Persuasion and Ben Hur, were turned into major Hollywood movies.

Indiana’s Bicentennial year might be the perfect time to read one of these classics by an Indiana author and see what all the fuss was about.

candles   ben hur

harvester   hoosier holiday

ambersons   the robe

Indiana has continued to have an amazing number of best-selling novelists. Just considering writers of adult and teen fiction, we are proud to lay claim to James Alexander Thom, John Green, Michael Koryta, Mike Mullins, Philip Gulley, Susan Crandall, Jeanne Dams, Karen Joy Fowler and Meg Cabot.