Calling all Puzzlers!


The Aurora Public Library District is “Putting It Together” with a week-long jigsaw puzzle event this August. The Aurora Public Library will host the event from 10AM – 2 PM from August 15th through August 20th. Jigsaw puzzles will be available to work on and the Library will furnish coffee and water.

The kids will be back in school and it’s your time to relax. Bring your friends to the Aurora Public Library and enjoy a cup of coffee while you work on jigsaw puzzles and visit with each other. Jigsaw puzzles have been shown to benefit your mental health in many ways, because you are using both sides of your brain at the same time. Working on puzzles increases our concentration, our creativity and our visualization skills. It also causes our brain to produce dopamine which is good for memory and learning. Working on a jigsaw puzzle also can lead to great conversations and could be your chance to meet new friends in the community.

The Library will also be hosting a “Puzzle Exchange”. Bring a jigsaw puzzle that you’ve already completed and trade it for a puzzle that someone else brings in. Many of us already pass puzzles along, and we always appreciate a chance to get a new puzzle for free!