Never Too Young to Learn Justice

Would you agree that we live in troubling times? One response to this is to be intentional about teaching our children about social justice issues. It’s never to early to begin to share stories of the heroic efforts made by people around the world to bring about peace and justice. The books shown below are some great starting points, and are appropriate for younger children. Books can provide a means to start a conversation about attitudes and events within and outside of our communities. As always, parents and caregivers know best what their children are mature enough to hear, but these books present issues in a child-friendly way. Feel free to talk to me about any of these titles or to recommend others that have worked well for your family.

brave girl   emmanuel

i could   Mandela

race   nasreen

Papa's Mark   seeds of change

sit-in   martin

For older elementary students or teens, I recommend looking at these titles by Janet Wilson. They highlight true stories of kids around the world who have taken action on various issues. These are great for browsing, since each child activist is highlighted in 2-3 pages.

Our Rights: How kids are changing the world

One Peace: True stories of young activists

Our Earth: How kids are saving the planet

Our Heroes: How kids are making a difference