Let’s Get Moving!

As our summer of “On Your Mark, Get Set . . . Read” winds down, we have a great program planned for families at the Aurora City Park Pavilion. Joanie Calem will be leading us in music and movement for our Final Party on July 20th at 11 AM.


Her program “If You Can Walk, You Can Dance, If You Can Talk, You Can Sing”, is right on theme for a program that has worked to encourage all members of our families to stay active. We will enjoy participating in interactive games, dances, stories and songs from around the world.

Movement and music have both been shown to be critical for both brain development and success in school. Both are highly recommended as part of “Every Child Ready to Read”, a research-based approach for increasing the preliteracy skills that children need to be successful as they begin their formal education. Singing helps children identify word sounds and syllables, and fosters a love of word play. It has also been shown to be an effective way for kids to learn to calm themselves when frustrations arise. The links below will provide more information on the importance of movement and music.



See you all at the park!