Audubon Day – Red-Tails in Love

red tails

Red-Tails in Love by Marie Winn
The scene of this enchanting (and true) story is the Ramble, an unknown wilderness deep in the heart of New York’s fabled Central Park. There an odd and amiable band of nature lovers devote themselves to observing and protecting the park’s rich wildlife. When a pair of red-tailed hawks builds a nest atop a Fifth Avenue apartment house across the street from the model-boat pond, Marie Winn, Wall Street Journal Nature columnist and her fellow “Regulars” are soon transformed into obsessed hawk watchers. The hilarious and occasionally heartbreaking saga of Pale Male and his mate as they struggle to raise a family in their unprecedented nest site and the affectionate portrait of the humans who fall under their spell will delight and inspire readers for years to come ( Review).

Stories of bird watching in the wild are usually located in rural locales. Two red-tail hawks building a nest and mating in the heart of Central Park in New York City is a true novelty. Marie Winn uses her expertise to inform and entertain the reader. In this delightful account, Winn tells of birding in Central Park with an unlikely band of fellow enthusiasts (including Mary Tyler Moore and Woody Allen). ( Review) ( on July 21, 1999)

It’s also a fascinating story of a group of dedicated people who care so much for the birds of the park. And, for someone who virtually grew up in Central Park, it came as a revelation of an inner life unsuspected till recently. The weekend after I finished this book I located places in the Rambles that I never knew existed (the Azalea pond) and was rewarded with my first ever glimpse of a woodpecker hard at work! This book might just turn me into a bird watcher! (Margaret M. Duffy on May 26, 2000)

The book would be an excellent choice for anyone who wants a good read, nonfiction, with an element of suspense and lots of humor. (Anonymous Reader Review)