Tech Tip Tuesday #14


Hello! My Tech Tip for today is more about organizing the physical side of technology than a tip on interacting with the software. If you happen to live in a house with a lot of people you can often find your different charging chords missing when you are ready to go charge your device or you have to unplug a million and one things from a power strip just to get to the one you want to unplug.

washi tape cords

Designating a specific area where chargers are used can help but also marking the cords and charging bricks will also help keep track and organize all those cords. Use washi tape, decorative masking tape, to designate which cord goes with which brick. The washi tape isn’t a permanent change so if you ever need to switch things up it is easy to remove. The beauty of this is you can keep track of where your charger has run off to if it is missing.


While you’re at it collect tabs that keep your bread closed and use them to organize cords that are plugged into a power strip. Just use a permanent marker to write the name of the device and slip it around the cord.