Audio Books


Remember being read to as a child? That feeling of comfort and excitement as the big bad wolf huffed and puffed or the little red hen asked “Who will help me plant the seeds?”  Who was that important person in your life that made you feel special, by taking the time to read to you? Did they do the different voices and make the funny sounds? We are all grown up now, maybe with kids of our own, certainly with lots to do and lots of responsibilities. Take a moment, just a moment; to remember how good it felt, how entertaining it was to be read to. The Aurora Public Library District would like you to feel that way again. We think you are still special  and we’d like to read you a story. The library has a large collection of audio-books on CD and digitally available through our website, with authors like Stuart Woods, James Patterson and many more. Talented narrators make the story come to life and truly can enrich and enliven a good book. Listen in the car on the way to work. Listen from your smart phone, tablet or laptop. Listen while washing the dishes, sorting the laundry, painting the living room or just relaxing at home (we will do the voices AND make the funny sounds.) Where ever you are, no matter what is on your to-do list, you can have that feeling of being read to back again.

The Aurora Public Library District thinks you are special and we’d like to read you a story.