Tech Tip Tuesday #9


SXSW is a festival that occurs each year and one set of the festivals is all about interactive media and it just ended on March 20. Even though we didn’t get to go out ourselves this year there were some exciting new technologies that made their debut at SXSW. One that really caught my eye was Brain Power.

Brain Power is a set of applications that utilize wearable technology like Google Glass for assisting individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Unlike other assistive devices where children and adults are looking at a device screen Google Glass gets them looking up and at the world around them.

If you are unfamiliar with Google Glass you should really check it out. You wear them similar to a pair of glasses but but display shows you all kinds of notifications from your device as well as allows you to make calls and even utilize these apps in cases of Autism Spectrum Disorders to help decode emotion, make eye contact, and language.

It is an exciting time in the wearables industry with new technology being developed all the time that can help people who suffer from specific disorders or just to help keep track of the amount of activity you get in a day.