Spring is a wonderful time to explore nature with your children! The warmer weather allows you to get up close to buds and sprouts and even squishy mud. In addition to these picture books, you might try some of our non-fiction books about why we have seasons (Sunshine Makes the Seasons by Franklyn Branley) or gardening (Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots by Sharon Lovejoy) or weather (Weather Words and What They Mean by Gail Gibbons).

I’ve written before about using art as a “hook” to draw reluctant readers into books. As you share these books, take a look at all the different art styles used by the illustrators. You can usually find a small note on the back side of the title page that identifies the art media. You might even be inspired to try creating some original art work with your kids.

And Then It’s Spring by Julie Fogliano is all about anticipating seeds sprouting through the ground as the soil warms. For the illustrations, Caldecott winning artist Erin Stead created delicate pictures using wood block printing along with colored pencils. Spring Blossoms by Carole Gerber is less of a story and more of a stroll through a glade filled with flowering trees. The beautiful illustrations by Leslie Evans use a mixture of linoleum printing, watercolors and collage.

and then it's spring      blossoms

Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms by Julie Rawlinson shows the beauty of the season in pastel illustrations by Tiphanie Beeke. It’s Spring by Linda Glaser discusses lots of things that happen in nature with the coming of Spring and includes suggestions for hands-on activities. Susan Swan created the illustrations with a combination of cut paper and painting. This is part of a 4 book series about the seasons, so grab another Linda Glaser book when the season changes again.

fletcher       it's spring

Skunk’s Spring Surprise, written by Leslea Newman and illustrated by Valeri Gorbachev has amazingly detailed illustrations that are reminiscent of the artwork of the late Richard Scarry. Although author Kevin Henkes often illustrates his own books, When Spring Comes features acrylic paintings by Laura Dronzek. Henkes and Dronzek also collaborated on Birds and Oh!.

skunk      when spring comes

Sharing the Seasons: a Book of Poems, edited by Lee Bennett Hopkins is a book you’ll want to return to many times. Prepared to be awed by the glowing illustrations by graphic design artist David Diaz.

sharing the seasons