Girls in Big Dresses

One of the trends over the past few years for Young Adult books has been book covers with “BIG DRESSES”. These are very eye-catching and have been extremely popular series.

The Luxe series by Anna Godbersen provides historical romance with the social restrictions of Jane Austen books, but set in Manhattan at the end of the 19th century. These books are also available to download through the Indiana Digital Download Collection.

luxe. jpg    rumors

envy     splendor

Kiera Cass’s “Selection” series has been described as “Reality TV meets dystopian fairy tale.” The Indiana Digital Download Collection has these titles and some additional novellas that are part of the series. In January of 2016, Cass published a new stand-alone fantasy romance titled The Siren.

selection     elite

one      siren

The dresses may not be quite as big in “The Chemical Garden” trilogy by Lauren DeStefano, but these books will get your heart pounding. DeStefano imagines a dystopian world where women only live 20 years and men die at age 25.

wither sever fever

Do you have other favorite “Big Dress” books? Let us know!