Tech Tip Tuesday #5


Hello again! This week I want to talk with you about productivity keyboard shortcuts. Taking the time to use your mouse to navigate can be slow and sometimes clunky, I use keyboard shortcuts all the time to help speed up my workflow.

  1. Saving a File – I use this one all the time. If you are working on a document and something happens where you lose power or your program crashes and all your work is gone, it is the worst feeling. It might seem a little obsessive but every few minutes when I’m working I hit the keyboard shortcut for saving my file and hardly miss a beat because I’ve not taken my fingers from the keyboard.
    1. PC you hit Ctr + S
    2. Mac you hit Command + S
  2. Select All – This one is really great if you need to select all the content you are working on, I use this when I need to either copy and paste a large block of content or when I need to delete it all and start over. This is much quicker than using a mouse to click and drag.
    1. PC you hit Ctr + A
    2. Mac you hit Command + A
  3. Cycle Through Windows – This one is so important for quickly getting to different programs on your computer. This way I don’t have to hunt for the window I’m looking for I just cycle through all of them.
    1.  PC you hit Windows + TAB
    2. Mac you hit Command + TAB
  4. Cycle Through Browser Tabs – I’m working on learning this one right now, being able to quickly get to different browsers when you are referencing additional information is such a productivity booster.
    1. PC you hit Ctr + Left/Right Arrow
    2. Mac you hit Ctr + TAB
  5. Reopen Closed Browser Tabs – I accidentally close browser tabs all the time and this shortcut is a quick and easy way to get it reopened. You don’t even have to remember what it was, it just works.
    1. PC you hit Ctr + Shift + T
    2. Mac you hit Command + Shift + T

I hope these help you boost your productivity while working on your computers. The certainly have for me.