News from the Local History Library at The Depot about the Depot

Did you know that Aurora’s train depot is not the original structure? Why did the railroad spur line go down Third Street? What did the old “Aylor and Meyer Feed Mill” have to do with the train depot?  The answers to these questions are at the Genealogy and History room at the depot. For nearly twelve years the Aurora Public Library has offered the “Talk About Aurora”, series of talks and discussions that answer these questions and more.  On the fourth Tuesday @6pm of March, May, July and September we meet with your friends, neighbors and others interested in history. Many visit the talks just to listen, but many join in and share their knowledge of the current subject.  The first talk of the 2016 series is “The History of the Train Depot-1854 to Present”.  The first train to  Aurora was in 1854.  Its next stop was Cochran, theimg468

end of the line.  Another three years elapsed before the tracks were laid to the Mississippi River. Stop by and hear the rest of the story.