5 Resume Tips + Additional Reading Resources

resumetipsIn today’s job market you have to have all your i’s dotted and t’s crossed. Resume’s are one of those documents that you are never finished editing and tweaking. If you are starting your job search or just polishing up your resume this post will help you get on the right track. People who are looking at your resume are typically busy, only spending a couple of seconds glancing over your resume before moving on. If your information isn’t clear and easy to read or your qualifications hidden, your resume won’t get the time it deserves. Get your resume ship shape with these 5 tips.

Make it clear where the contact can reach you at.

It doesn’t help you get a job if the person trying to reach you has to search for your number or your email address. Also, along these lines make sure your contact information is up to date.

Keep the design simple and classic.

This is definitely a less is more situation. Don’t crowd your text with graphics or fluff. Let the words you’ve written about your experience shine.

Don’t lie.

This is the worst thing you can do on your resume. Be truthful about your experience and skills. Your future employer will see through a lie on your resume and it will do nothing but set back your job search and hurt your chance.

Make it unique for each job you apply for.

Tailor each resume for the job you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a management position be sure to highlight the activities at past jobs that you would apply to the new management position.

Use action words in the description.

Google action words for resumes. It strengthens the wording in your job descriptions and highlights your skills.

If you are looking for additional Resume help the Library offers several books and online resources to help patrons.



The Resume Makeover, Jeffery Allen


How to say it on your resume : a top recruiting director’s guide to writing the perfect resume for every job, Brad Karsh


The Resume Handbook, Rosenberg, Arthur

An Online Resource 

The Library also has an online resource that can help patrons from their home or the computer stations in the Library. Tutor.com offers help with resumes among other services for adults. They also offer homework help to kids, parents, and teachers. Have your Library card handy to log in and use this online resource.


Inspire is a collection of databases provided by the Indiana State Library. Searching the Inspire database returns all kinds of resources to help you with writing or updating your resume including academic journals, eBooks, and newspaper articles.