Tech Tip Tuesday #1

TechTipTuesdayHello friends! The Aurora Public Library District is excited to start a weekly blog feature called Tech Tip Tuesday. Every Tuesday we will share a technology related tip. You can look forward to hearing things like keyboard shortcuts which can help you save time and be more efficient, new technology or software and how it can help you, and other general tech tips. So follow along with us by subscribing to receive this blog post category (Resources) and other posts to your email by using the signup form in the sidebar. We hope that we can be a resource for you, so if you have any burning tech questions leave a comment with your suggestion or question!

Without further ado we have two tips for you today.

  1. While simple, and sometimes overlooked getting to the task manager to kill off an annoying, or misbehaving program is a critical skill and can be accomplished in Windows by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc. For all you Mac users out there simply hit Cmd + Option + Esc. Keep in mind sometimes computers will prevent you from being able to use the mouse due to one problem or another. Often restarting Windows explorer by using the task manager can solve this. Using this shortcut in combination with Tab & Enter you can end programs without even using a mouse allowing you to save what you were working on from a hard power down.

  2. For those of you working with sensitive data or in areas where walking away from your unsecured computer might be worrisome, worry no more. Simply press Windows + L or Control + Shift + Power on Mac to lock your screen when you step away.

Don’t forget to comment with your questions!